Sunday, 25 February 2018
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Welcome to Belmont High School Alumni Association
We have created an new online experience for our Belmont Alumni. We have made our site self serving. This means you have control over all of your information.

This site requires the use of newer browsers. If you're having problems with AOL, Prodigy, Web TV, etc please try to update and use Internet Explorer 6.0 and newer or Mozilla Firefox Browser

Tip: If you're using AOL or Prodigy type browsers, while connected to the Internet, find and open Internet Explorer and navigate to the BelmontAlumni.org site and try using the site that way.
Belmont Alumni Features
Once you have registered on the site you will be able to use all our features:

  • Search for Alumni and view their profiles
  • Email Alumni through their profile via a form. We have made user emails invisible on the site.
  • Add comments to Alumni Guestbook
  • Add your old Buddies to your Buddy list
  • Write journals/blog on your profile to let everyone know what you've been up to
  • Edit your information online, change your username, email address, etc

Random Alumni Images
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member image
Frank Bragg

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member image

member image
Marilyn Mylar

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member image

member image

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member image

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member image

How it all works

First, you will need to create an account to take advantage of all these great new features. (PLEASE DO NOT USE ALL CAPS)

  • Under "Alumni Login " click on "No account yet? Create one "
  • Fill out all required fields and submit registration
  • You will receive a email from the Belmont Site to click on a link to confirm your account
  • Once you confirm your account you are ready to access Alumni profiles and edit/add new image to your profile.

Second, login in with your new username and password.

Belmont Newsletter is now Online!

We now offer our Belmont Newsletter online via paid subscriptions. Once you go through the payment process you will have access to download and view the Belmont Newsletter.

To subscribe and download the newsleter, log in with your username and password, then click on "My Subscription Link" under User Menu. From there you can upgrade or subscribe to a 1yr or 5yr plan via Paypal. You don't have to have a Paypal account to subscribe. You can pay with a: Credit Card/Debit Card or login to your Paypal Account and pay.

 You will need Acrobat Reader to view.

 If you encounter any problems, please contact us so we can help. 


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